12th Jun 2010 Finished and waiting

The EP "A Beat Apart" is done! I have it available in 24bit 48kHz (DVD) quality and of course a normal CD version. Now unlike what I've done in the past, I'm aiming for releasing "A Beat Apart" as an actual pay-to-listen release so if you have an idea for how to distribute this or know just the record company, feel free to email me or post something on the Contact page.

23rd Apr 2010 Still coming!

The aforementioned is nearing completion! 3 out of the 4 tracks have been successfully redone and sound even better than their previous versions! Just to know, I'm going to go for an actual release this time, since you munchers have already gotten way too much for free ;)
In other news the website has been fixed up to work better in Google Chrome and for people using ad-blockers, so feel free to send the link to your friends again without worrying about looking like an ass.

17th Jul 2009 EP on the rise

Before my computer was stolen, I was working on a 4 track EP in the style of more old school EBM. The lucky news now is that, based on the MP3s I had of it, I've managed to recreate most of it!
It's going a bit slow, since the tracks were already release quality and, of course, I don't want to release new versions that sound worse than my previous versions, but the EP is definitely coming! So stand by for further news and listen to Reappear for a taste of the sound of it. Christian signing out.

21st Apr 2009 Rule the universe!

Even though my computer and files were stolen, I've bought a new one and to celebrate that I present to you the track Take It (silly name) - a track of the future of mankind and the universe.

21st Apr 2009 Sad, sad news

My computer along with all my files was stolen recently and with it the songs that were going to form the next Tether album. I don't know yet if I'll continue the album with new songs, try to recreate them or drop the project completely, but things are going slowly and sadly these days.
The theft also means that EP1 and EP2 won't be properly mixed and mastered, so enjoy them as they are.

31st Mar 2009 New track! Now with vocals!

Damn, these tracks are just pooring out these days! I present you now with Reappear, a wonderfully old school track about... well... the beautiful relationship a man can have with a woman, and not the other way around.

31st Mar 2009 One new track and an update

I just did a track this morning called Break Apart the Nucleus about the horrors of nuclear war and the threats that require it! Also, Hard Existence was updated ever so slightly. Now listen before we're all blown to dust!

28th Mar 2009 New section, new tracks!

You're all quite lucky these days! I've just added the Stuff section to the music page where you can hear some of the tracks that didn't make it into Tether, mostly because their style didn't match. They're great tracks, just not electro-industrial/Tether-industrial.
7 new tracks, a complete new section! Get listening!

27th Mar 2009 Really, really new tracks!

Feeling a bit like a scoundrel for releasing old tracks, I've uploaded two new tracks: Future War and Hard Existence that both kick proverbial ass!
Future War is about that awful time we all know will come soon where humans fight cyborgs and cyborgs fight other cyborgs, kudos to you if you can guess the samples ;)
Hard Existence is about the last resort, the final solution to the problem of the dreaded future wasteland... in space - though you might need to see some classic sci-fi to catch that story.
Now rewire your computational, audiophonic hardware, put those tracks on and get dancing!

27th Mar 2009 New tracks!

You can now listen to Last Beat for E and Too Much Sex right here at Tether.dk! The versions here are slightly newer than the ones found on other sites and should prove even more appropriate for your speaker configuration.

13th Feb 2009 Friday the 13th

I'm just putting the finishing touches on the new version of Ripped Profile, another version of Hard Profile from EP1 and I thought I'd let you all know how much more oomph and party I've squeesed into this remake and also to let you know that EP1 and EP2 are still to be considered demos - better versions will follow!
Anyhow, happy Friday the 13th! Now, in the paraphrased words of a fellow Danish musician, GO DANCE YOUR ASS OFF!

31st Jan 2009 Uninterresting news

Okay, I'm getting tired of writing this, but the player really should *fingers crossed* work everywhere now.
I finally managed to find a computer where the player didn't work and got it working on it - if it still doesn't on yours, you're entitled to bitch slap me by email.

20th Jan 2009 Divamee Remix online

As promised earlier the remix of Divamee's Visions entitled "Tethered Visions" is now available from the Music page.
The version available here is mixed slightly different than the previously released version and has a new easter egg or two ;)

20th Jan 2009 untied Remix online

I've finished pre-mastering the remix of untied's Repeat, featuring re-recorded vocals, mostly original instrumentation and quite a new sound ;)
The music player has also had quite a bit of work done and should now function in all browsers.

I'll put up the Divamee remix shortly as well so you won't have to go scouting for it on Last.fm - I just need to tweak it a bit...

Remember, if you like what you hear then don't forget to use the viral tools on the Viral page.

28th Dec 2008 Player & Remix

A merry christmas and a soon to come decadent new year to you all!
The music player has seen some new fixes, and now works in Opera too. If you find yourself unable to listen to the tracks, please write to admin(insert "at" here)tether.dk.

In other news, Tether has done a remix of untied's "Repeat"! The track is currently being mixed and will soon be available for streaming.

3rd Dec 2008 Music online

Most of the tracks destined for release are now available for streaming on the Music page.
The player has a few bugs, but nothing a refresh of the page won't fix ;)
Update: The player should now function correctly.

2nd Dec 2008 TETHER.dk is up and running

From now on you'll find the latest news and updates from Tether right here at TETHER.dk.

11th Aug 2008 Divamee Remix

Tether has created an official remix of Divamees "Visions"!
You can listen to it from their last.fm player on Divamee's MySpace page.